Wolly Kids Club and Games Centre

Open daily, 10AM - 6PM

At Padma Resort Ubud, we understand that happy kids mean happy parents and a great holiday, which is why we go the extra mile to delight our junior guests. Exclusively for our in-house guests aged 4-12 years, Wolly Kids Club features vibrant, welcoming spaces where kids can play, interact, and relax under supervision. Conveniently located near the infinity pool, Wolly Kids Club offers a range of dynamic activities and educational toys, along with separate rooms for movie watching and gaming. Outside, the shallow and safe pool is an inviting space to splash, play, and make new friends to share the fun. Additionally, the Kids Garden Club in Agroforestry provides a lively and secure outdoor space for kids to play, explore, and learn about nature.

  • Wolly Kids Club is for children age 4 – 12 years old.
  • Young children under the age of 4 can enter the club but must be accompanied by a babysitter, guardian or parent at all times.
  • Prior to entering Wolly Kids Club and Games Centre, all children must be registered by a parent or guardian aged 16 years or older.
  • Only the parent or guardian who registers the child or children will be allowed to collect the child or children from Wolly Kids Club.
  • No unauthorized personnel are allowed in Wolly Kids Club play area, including parents.
  • Children who are ill or disruptive will not be allowed to remain in Wolly Kids Club and Games Centre
  • Children who require medication or medical attention/supervision are not eligible for admission into Wolly Kids Club as these services are not available on site.
  • Any parent or guardian who shows symptoms of intoxication will not be allowed to register or collect their child/children from Wolly Kids Club
  • For safety purposes and to prevent property damage, wet clothing/swimwear is not allowed within the Wolly Kids Club and Game Centre area.